Sketch backlog bonanza!

So, I promised to post a bunch of sketches that didn’t make it into the appropriate session recap for whatever reason, and here they are–a week later than promised, but better late than never, I say. Which is why we still will take any sketches you finally get around to scanning and sending to us, even if it’s from a session from last November. And then we’ll post them four months after that, and everyone can reminisce or something . . .

Anyhoo, first up–a lovely sketch of Sable Sin Cyr from the April 27 session, by Andrew Spangler:


Andrew was, technically, the first to submit his sketches of Sable for this session (and sadly, only one of two that did… [sigh]), but I only fished his email out of the spam folder a couple weeks ago. Dunno how the hell it got there, but I’m sure glad that I eventually did check the folder for non-spam items. Bad, bad Alexis.

Next, here’s a sketch of  Viola Van Wilde from our first anniversary session on June 8, created by none other than our generous sponsor, Don Sinish from Artist & Craftsman Supply (which is just down and across the street from our new venue, Windup Space, on North Ave.):


And, here’s a whole slew of sketches from Chip Molter, who sent these in a whole big batch. First up, a drawing of Bambi Galore, from the March 9 session:


Then, of Lena Grove, from the March 23 session:


Love this Munny contest entry featuring Little Luna, from the April 13 session:


For those of you who weren’t at our sessions during which we were giving away mini Munnies from Atomic Books, artists competed for these awesome DIY vinyl toys by incorporating a Munny into their drawings of the model. Each mini Munny comes with a surprise accessory–anything ranging from a cell phone to a protest sign.

Next, sketches of LiiLii Lipstick, from our May 11 session:



And my absolute favorite of Chip’s drawings, from the “best depiction of Capt. Kirk hitting on LiiLii” contest, which I’m fairly certain he won:


And that’s it for now! Don’t forget–tonight’s our first session at the Windup Space (12 W. North Ave., at the corner of North and Charles)! The lovely Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein will be on hand to provide you with some sassy inspiration, and we’ll be giving away more fantastic prizes! Drawing starts at 7 p.m., but show up early to get a good seat and check out the awesome work in the Vs. show, still up till the end of the month. And remember, we’re now an 18 & over event. See you tonight!

Sketches from last session with Bambi Galore (and a couple from Lady Vile’s)

Here’s a sampling of some of the sketches from last session with Bambi.  These first couple are from Gene…


The next was for the panel contest to with a wood canvas from Artist & Craftsman Supply (137 W North Ave) . . the contest was to tell a two panel or more story (like a comic) using the poses…


These next two were from the Lady Vile session before Bambi’s…


The next was another contest for a moleskin from Atomic Books with the task being incorporating a chimpanzee attack into your drawing.  This one seriously cracked me up (as did most…for some reason folks went bananas with that one.)

Yes, I just went there.

Blame it on the mimosa.


Back to Bambi’s session, these next couple were done by Annika Romeyn.



bambiblog3These last couple are from Brian Dugan.  The first is another sketch from the panel contest.


This last is from the “draw Bambi vs. Barbie” contest, the prize being a DIY vinyl Munny from Atomic Books.


That’s it for the sketches…last reminder, next session is tomorrow night, Monday, March 22nd, at 7 o’cock with Lena Grove from Gilded Lily.