See past Dr. Sketchy’s models doing their thing…

So I think I’m finally kicking this cold/flu thing, just in time for Aaron and I to see this show this Saturday night:

Gilded Lily Burlesque Presents the Debut of: The Nearly Naked Truth!!

Show at 8pm. Tickets are $10.

Load of Fun
120 West North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201
Come join Baltimore’s premiere burlesque troupe -Gilded Lily Burlesque- on February 28th for The Nearly Naked Truth! It’s a nostalgic romp back to the days when men were men and dames were kittens. These lovely ladies (with the help of Paco Fish, outstanding news reporter) will help you navigate the slippery slopes of sex, drugs, plaid pants and communism.

But, don’t get too uptight daddio! After witnessing a spicy shimmy here and a saucy shake there, you’ll be happily sliding down that slope, too! So let Gilded Lily Burlesque reveal to you the Nearly Naked Truth- it’s the American thing to do!

The members of Gilded Lily Burlesque include…

Maria Bella
Little Luna
Viola van Wilde
Sable Sin Cyr
Paco Fish (MC)
Lena Grove
Lucille Lingerhans von Spankenstein”

Recognize anyone in that roster? You should–if you’re a Dr. Sketchy’s regular, you’ve probably drawn almost all of them.

I said this before in an email to our mailing list, and I’ll say it again here: if you’ve had fun drawing our models, you really owe it to yourself to see them actually perform. Aaron and I have seen them perform a number of times now, and we’ve had a blast every time. Show up early, since you won’t be able to get advanced tickets for this show–their Valentine’s Day show sold out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this one does, too. See Paco’s blog for more info, but seriously–go.


PS–Don’t know where Load of Fun is? For shame. It’s on the corner of North and Howard–across the street from our sponsor, Artist & Craftsman Supply. Oh, and apparently CityPaper will be at the show, covering a story on burlesque in Baltimore.

PPS–Keep reading for a recap of our most recent session. I’m totally annoyed that I had to spend Monday night hopped up on decongestants and trying not to cough up a lung, instead of drawing the stunning Lady Vile. If I don’t get to see these amazing “chimp attack” sketches Aaron keeps talking about, I’m seriously going to cry–so send them in.