Hail to the Queene!

Zna Queene rocked—and from what we hear, a couple folks now have a new favorite band.  I must have posted the LAZERBITCH music video for “Coquette” in twenty places, and made at least six or seven people at the door watch it on my iPhone while I was doing door stuff, but here it is one last time.  Watch the entire video, and you’ll even see the Windup Space at the end.

By the way, they have a free iPhone app with a lot of their music on it, so if you’ve got an iPhone, you should check it out.

On with the one- and two- minute poses!

(Hipstamatic photo by Alexis)

The first contest of the evening was the opposite hand contest, where right-handed folks draw with their left, left-handed folks draw with their right, and ambidextrous folks probably aren’t out drawing anyway cause I hear they get all the girls/boys.  Anyway.  The two winners got mystery shots from Russell, and honestly, I don’t even think Russell knew what he made this time.

Stewart White

(THAT’S an opposite-hand sketch?  Holy cow.)

I think one of the winners gave their shot to Zna, either that or she stole it.  After that, a few more 5 minute poses…

Brian Dugan

Ben Carnow

Liz Beetem

Brian Dugan

For the first ten minute pose of the evening, we’d started out intending on having a “random noun” contest, but it somehow turned into a “best incorporation of Futurama” game since the prize was a Kidrobot vinyl Futurama toy from Atomic Books in Hampden.  Honestly folks, if you go to Dr. Sketchy’s, you’ll like Atomic Books.  We went there for years before we did Dr. Sketchy’s—actually, in Alexis’s case, for over a decade, since way back when it was still in Mt. Vernon—and will go there for years after.  They recently got top independent comic book store in the country from Flavorwire.  No kidding.

Brian Dugan

Stewart White

Brian Dugan

John Brewer

With that, we took a short drink/smoke/tinkle break before we started up the 20 minute poses.  The first contest was, I don’t know, another random noun?  God, I hope that’s how we got to “Meatloaf”.  Maybe it was his birthday.  I’m not going to look it up since the whole thing ended up being somewhat traumatic.  The contest was the best visualization of what a Meatloaf & LAZERBITCH video would look like.  Russell picked out what appeared to be a nice Meatloaf ballad for inspiration—and, well—the damn thing just wouldn’t end.  I think it literally went on for 20 minutes.

It was horrible.  Alexis was near tears.  The only redeeming moment, which was missed by most of the audience, was when Russell would try to distract himself from the pain by running down the bar, practicing his jazz hands.

Normally at Dr. Sketchy’s we don’t attempt to murder you, but, well, errrr . . . sorry.  We can guarantee we will NEVER play Meatloaf again.

Next session it’s going to be the entire soundtrack of High School Musical 4.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  We had two winners for this contest again, this time for two packs each of tinted Fabriano Tiziano drawing paper from Artist & Craftsman Supply, which is just down the street from the Windup at the corner of Howard & North.  They’re open till 8 on Mondays, so if you’re rushing from work to Dr. Sketchy’s and are missing art supplies, it doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Brian Dugan

John Bintz

Liz Beetem

John Brewer

Stewart White

(BTW, we just realized that Stewart White has some kick-ass watercolor sketches from past Dr. Sketchy’s sessions up for sale on his site—check them out under the “Figures” section.)

Our last pose and contest of the evening was the best incorporation of the Segway since, well, the founder of Segway had died that morning by accidentally driving his Segway off a cliff.  Yeah, we know— too soon.  The prize was Beyond Ultraman: Seven Artists Explore the Vinyl Frontier from Baby Tattoo Books, who also runs the LA branch of Dr. Sketchy’s.

Brian Dugan

Ben Karnovski

Liz Beetem

Many thanks to Zna Queene of LAZERBITCH for providing inspiration to fill everyone’s drawing pads on Monday;  special thanks as well to our sponsors Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books.  Thank you also to the best bartender in Baltimore, Russell of the Windup Space; thanks to Jeff, whose snazzy photos you see above; and, of course, to Alexis for manning the mike in between poses and Meatloaf aural attacks.

Our next session is Monday, October 11th with Paco Fish of Sticky Buns Burlesque!  Doors at 6, start at 7!

(photo of Paco Fish courtesy of Twilight Images by Melody Smith, www.twilightimages.net)

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